GPS - putting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the heart of your business

07Feb / 2017

GPS - putting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the heart of your business

GPS is an artificial intelligence-based performance and risk management solution that runs sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms to optimise your operations in a coherent context and subject to strategic alignment and compliance with increasingly stringent regulations. This being the case, it also makes it possible to simulate the impact a change will have on the organisation as a whole.

By enhancing decision-makers’ intuition with factual data, thus significantly increasing their ability to take immediate action, GPS can become a key partner in achieving the objectives you have set with optimum efficiency and using the most appropriate resources, anticipating the risks associated with each business process and developing a comprehensive discernment that will eliminate any element of uncertainty.

GPS uses Artificial Intelligence and sophisticated algorithms to provide information that is crucial to the decision-making process, both in real time and at the right point in time. Any unusual data (whether beneficial or detrimental) is detected, meaning that abnormalities can be identified or predicted and consequently analysed, assessed and converted into potential actions without the need to alter the structure of the company or its normal working practices.

GPS boasts an exclusive organisation mapping methodology and uses the Big Data, AI and Machine Learning concepts to popularise process complexity and provide the relevant managers with all of the information they require. Furthermore, it expresses value creation or loss within the organisation as acutely as possible by converting quantitative indicators into qualitative measures using an unique index that takes results, expertise and means into account.

In summary, it ensures that budgets are adapted to the business needs to be met and protects the organisation against information and indicator fraud and manipulation by producing a SWOT analysis that stands out as an excellent compliance tool. The system also provides day-to-day support for the appropriate allocation of resources, including time, money and both human and material capital.

Choosing GPS gives you a specialist* response and support in any business and in any industry thanks to its specific pre-set knowledge cartridges. The causal chain that is created when a cartridge is produced gives the manager a better understanding of the organisation in real time, as well as the ability to zoom in and out on certain elements. This discernment in turn helps to reduce the stress and responsibility associated with making dificult decisions but above all to simulate the impact that a project will have when launched.

The system can be quickly and easily installed and connected to pre-existing IT systems so as not to disrupt the company’s day-to-day operations. GPS is available to lease or to purchase on license for a one-time payment with no hidden costs.